Sunday, February 01, 2009


Les photos ci-dessus sont celles du bidonville de Dona Marta à Rio de Janeiro.

Dona Marta aura, peut-être, bientôt le triste privilège d'être le premier bidonville entouré d'un mur destiné à protéger ... la forêt qui le cerne.
Excellent papier dans The Guardian qui n'hésite pas à faire une comparaison douloureuse "Proposed 3-metre-high wall around Dona Marta to protect rainforest compared to Israeli security barrier."

Extrait : "Plans to surround a Rio de Janeiro slum with a 650-metre-long concrete barrier have come under fire from environmentalists and human rights activists.

Authorities say the R$1m (£300,000) "eco-barrier", which will encircle part of the famous Dona Marta slum in southern part of the city, is intended to protect the nearby Atlantic rainforest from illegal occupation as well as improve security and living conditions for slum residents.

As tenders for construction of the 3-metre-high (10ft) wall opened yesterday, critics claimed the project was a form of "social apartheid", comparing it to ­Israel's security barrier.

"This is something that is very similar to what Israel does to the Palestinians and to what happened in South Africa," said Mauricio Campos, from the Rio human rights group Network of Communities Against Violence.
He said a wall would serve only to "segregate" slum residents from the rest of society.
" (...)

(...) "Rio's environmentalists have given a frosty reception to the plans, arguing that unless low-cost housing options are given to the poor, they will continue to encroach on the hillsides of the city and into the surrounding rainforest.

"It is hypocrisy to talk about protecting the Atlantic rainforest without considering the issues of housing and transport to take the pressure off the forest," Sergio Ricardo, a leading environmental campaigner in Rio, told the Jornal do Brasil newspaper.

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