Thursday, February 04, 2010


L'annonce ci-dessus est une des dernières créations de la campagne lancée par un promoteur indien pour promouvoir sa ville nouvelle de Lavasa, dont je vous ai déjà parlé . La campagne s'appuie sur un diagnostique très dur - mais aussi très juste - des défis urbains que va devoir relever l'Inde dans les années qui viennent.

Voici le texte de l'annonce. C'est à la fois lucide et effrayant.

"Today, 310 million people libe in India's citiés.
By 2030, this number will be 575 millions.
By 2045, 800 million.

Every minute, 30 Indians leave
rural India for its cities.

Which isn't bad thing by itself. Except,
there is non place left to go.

Most Indian cities are already
filled to the brim. In some areas, Mumbai has 101 066 people packed
into evrey square kilometer

Our metros generates 21 275 tonnes
of waste evrey day. 60% of the sevage goes
untreated, to our river and oceans

Every day, traffic jams waste
30 lakh of fuel worth Rs. 11.5 crores.
And that's just Delhi.

What that does to the environnment
is anybody's guess.

Estimates predict that
in the near future India will need 14 Delhis,
18 Mumbais or 30 Bangalores

These are the facts. This is the challenge.
And this is the question to ask.

Isn't it hight time we built our futur cities ?