Thursday, March 31, 2011


Pour faire suite à mon dernier post, ce très beau tableau (cliquez dessus pour l'agrandir) sur les limites de la croissance au vu de l'empreinte écologique et issu du très stimulant site Visual Assessment.

"This diagram documents the competitive situation of the selected countries and their constraints to growth. Population and ecological debt provide a clear idea of the country's long-term potentiality to improve or maintain its competitiveness level. It has been proved that there is no better solution for poverty alleviation than economic growth. However, infinite economy growth in a finite world is impossible. Sustainable growth needs to be based on the sustainable use of resources. New development pathways are therefore required to reduce the common negative human environmental impacts of a country's development process.

The diagram is a call to rethink competitiveness in a resources-constrained world. National competitiveness analyses still lack clear accounts of biocapacity and resource demands placed by different countries. They fail to consider the fundamental link between economy, human population and environment."

Ce tableau et la démarche qui l'accompagne sont aussi une excellente introduction à notre prochain Atelier du 8 avril prochain organisé sur le thème Et si on utilisait un peu plus les cartes pour penser le futur ?