Thursday, March 26, 2015


Pour prolonger la réflexion sur l'avenir du capitalisme, des échanges mondiaux et des nouveaux process industriels qui pourraient se mettre en place sous l'influence de la Chine et de marques comme Apple, je voulais vous proposer "Empty" une fiction écrite par Zigeng Wang et lauréate du concours "Fairy Tales 2015". 

Elle est le complément de "Invisible Apple", et montre combien les jeunes générations chinoises sont lucides et sans complaisance sur les conséquences économiques et écologiques du commerce mondiale.

La vision est terrifiante, mais aussi terriblement stimulante sur le plan prospectif. 
"I must admit, EMPTY is a wonder of the time. Without its innovative business model, the air pollution could never have been addressed. EMPTY is by no means only an air company. Its cooperation with manufacturing companies induces win-win results.  
First of all, it is a ship, an OEM factory floating on the high seas—that means it doesn’t need to build a physical factory on land, obey the laws of a certain country, or pay taxes. Its recent deal with Apple is typical. After loading the components and cheap labor force in China, it sailed to the U.S. and assembled the products on the way, thus greatly reducing time and costs.  
Besides, EMPTY helped solve the long-existing issues of deficit and trade between China and the U.S. China had enjoyed a large trade surplus with the U.S., so many products were exported but very few were imported; therefore, the transportation costs of cargo ships increased as they would come back empty.  
My father thought about the air! His idea could solve the trade issue with almost zero cost, and also created a way to address the problem of air pollution. Chinese and foreign media were deeply impressed.  
Air imported from the U.S. got many Chinese people addicted.  
Five years ago, it replaced cash as the form of salary for on-board workers, and the rest was sold on the internet platform of Alibaba.  
My father built the whole sales strategy and system. He put the server on the ship, avoiding about 4 trillion Yuan each year in taxes. 
If the ship was an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) factory when sailing to the U.S., then it is a warehouse of EMPTY air when sailing back. 
People say my father was steering not only a ship, but a mobile Special Economic Zone for the wellbeing of mankind."
Sur l'idée que les bateaux deviennent les usines mobiles du futur, voir :