Friday, June 13, 2008


Zoom sur une mutation américaine

La chute des ventes de Hummer

Les modèles qui se vendent le plus ... et le moins

La hausse des ventes de voitures hybrides

La carte en creux de l'urbanisme américain

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Les flics à pieds et en voiture de golf
"Rising gas prices are prompting some police departments to curb their cruisers for parts of their daily shifts and walk the beat instead — a change that shrinks coverage areas and increases emergency response times.
Others are cutting back on a popular program that allows officers to take their vehicles home to boost police presence in neighborhoods. (...)

(...) • The Georgia Department of Public Safety is encouraging its 770 state troopers to reduce patrol time. Mileage reductions have ranged from 15% to 25% per month since January, Senior Trooper Larry Schnall says. In place of some patrols, troopers are conducting more radar surveillance or manning stationary checkpoints.
• In Fairfield County, Ohio, Sheriff Dave Phalen has dispatched a deputy in a golf cart to patrol one local community. Another golf cart is on the way, and he has ordered all deputies to shut down their patrol cars for 15 minutes every hour to walk the beat.
• In Anne Arundel County, Md., the sheriff's department has recalled 13 of the agency's 38 cruisers designated as take-home patrol vehicles. Officers assigned to those cars now must drive from their homes to headquarters to pick them up, Maj. Rick Tabor says.

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Les putains au chomage

"LOS ANGELES ( -- In Nevada, where legal brothels have operated since the late 19th century, business is suddenly a bit slow." Et oui, avec la hausse du prix de l'essence beaucoup de routiers ont vu leurs revenus baisser, et disposent de moins d'argent pour aller voir les filles. Conséquence : les bordels du Nevada ont vu leur fréquentation chuter de 25 à 45 % !

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