Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ces quelques images de Lagos signées Julian Roeder juste pour se rappeler à quoi peut ressembler la mobilité dans une des mégapoles les plus inégalitaires au monde.

"The city infrastructure is overloaded, but Lagos seems to be full of engineers. Everyone builds, tinkers, welds, and everyone finds their own solutions. That is what makes it all confusing.
The moments of order you do encounter have for the most part been introduced by the new governor, Babatunde Fashola. He is a lawyer and was born in the city, and now he even has his own fan club. He puts in bus lanes where previously there was not even mass transit and installs streetlights powered by solar cells. He has slums cleared that spill out into the roads and resettles the people in barracks; then the area is landscaped and toilets are installed. He has bridges built over markets that obstruct traffic because the sellers and buyers are everywhere.
A special police unit, the K.A.I. (Kick Against Indiscipline), makes sure that people also use the bridges.

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