Monday, October 03, 2016


Des images tirées du très intriguant trailer "In The Robot Skies : A Drone Love Story" signé Liam Young
"The film explores the drone as a cultural object, not just as a new instrument of visual story telling but also as the catalyst for a new collection of urban sub cultures. In the way the New York subway car of the 80’s gave birth to a youth culture of wild style graffiti and hip hop the age of ubiquitous drones as smart city infrastructure will create a new network of surveillance activists and drone hackers. From the eyes of the drones we see two teenagers each held by police order within the digital confines of their own council estate tower block in London. A network of drones survey the council estates, as a roving flock off cctv cameras and our two characters are kept apart by this autonomous aerial infrastructure. We watch as they pass notes to each other via their own hacked and decorated drone, like kids in an old fashioned classroom, scribbling messages with biro on paper, balling it up and stowing it in their drones. In this near future city drones form both agents of state surveillance but also become co-opted as the aerial vehicles through which two teens fall in love."
On retrouve dans ce film l'esprit créatif et décalé de la démarche prospective "Tomorrows Toughts Todayinitiée par Liam Young depuis plusieurs années. 

C'est un complément parfait à "Et si le drone était aussi une révolution urbaine ?"